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Neon Heart : Back to School 🎉savings and donation time!

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It’s already back to school time and I wanted to find a foundation I could donate a percentage of the price of ALL Neon Heart hats (new and older styles) for school supplies for kids! I found a great place based out of Roseville Minnesota, called Twin Cities Kids in Need. The proceeds I take from a percentage of the hats will then be donated online to help kids in need of school supplies for the upcoming school year! When you purchase a Neon Heart hat 40% of that price will then go towards the donation. Thank you for the support and I can’t wait to support this awesome foundation! Happy back to school everyone!

For more information about the foundation check out the picture and link below! 🎉

The link is:


Thanks again!!!


Mally K Spalding




Add this brand to your must have list: PinkBlush

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Now that I am a mama to be I still want to keep my current style but I am on the lookout for comfortable, versatile, affordable and stylish wear. I am so excited to collaborate with this awesome brand! A friend told me about  PinkBlush and I loved what I saw on their site. PinkBlush is for everyone looking for fun, classic and beautiful styles and helps mamas to be transition into maternity wear to motherhood as well. I looked into the brand and clothing and immediately loved everything!

The first piece I tried was this floral top, and it is literally the softest material I have felt (95% polyester, 5% spandex). It has beautiful ruffle detail sleeves that go down to the elbow and a rounded neckline. It is longer in length which I really like because that lets me style it in different ways, like I did with the little side knot. You could tuck it in or let it go long.

I wore it for a little date night and walk around our neighborhood and paired it with jean shorts and booties for a casual look. This top could be really dressed up as well and that’s where the versatility of PinkBlush attire is wonderful. Check out my styling below and check out this exact top at the link below:



Check out all maternity tops at the link below:


check out all PinkBlush clothing here:


instagram: @shoppinkblush

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoppinkblush/


Next week I’ll be sharing an adorable summer dress from PinkBlush so check back to see the way I style that!


Xo ,


Mally K

What’s New for Summer!!! The Neon Heart Patch Baseball Cap Collection

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The newest addition to the Neon Heart shop has been added! These hats are my favorite yet! Cute, cozy and casual for any summer event you might have! They have an adjustable back so they are one size fits all which I absolutely love! Check them out and shop them now online. Let your hearts shine this summer in these fun new hats from Neon Heart 💖             Xo! Mally K 

Doggy Bandanas are BACK!

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The Neon Heart Doggy bandana are back for spring and summer, and this year 50% of the price of the bandana will go to animals in need (I donate to Secondhand Hounds). It is such a joy to give back to a great cause and I absolutely love these bandanas!

xoxo from Archie Bear and I


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Happy birthday to my brand Neon Heart, and my website mallyk.net. Neon Heart has brought me so much joy over the last year. It has taken a lot of hard work, numerous hours learning how to’s and what to’s but I did it. I cannot thank everyone who has, and who continues to support this brand.

Neon Heart started out as an idea. Just a thought. I wanted to start something, a brand that meant more, and stood for something so that when someone would wear it they felt good about it. I love when people ask what it means. I love knowing that people wear it knowing that they are representing a brand that stands for positivity, love and kindness.

My goal is that when people wear Neon Heart it gives them the thought of wanting to lift others, to smile and help each other. Neon Heart’s motto is “let your Neon Heart shine”. I want the goodness of our hearts to shine through.

I cannot believe where this brand has gone and cannot wait to see where it goes. I have big ideas and things in store for Neon Heart. If Neon Heart can teach anyone anything it’s that no matter the goal, the dream, the idea, you need to go for it!

Never let anyone tell you your dream is too big or that its a waste of time. We are meant to sparkle and shine in this lifetime and you and I were meant for big things!

Neon Heart and me:Mally K, Mallory and Mal as most know me, want everyone to shine and succeed. My mission in life is to create positivity and to help make others realize their worth and that is through my brand.

Thank you to everyone who shares pictures, has sent me cards, texts me, posts about it and spreads the word on my brand. It has filled my life with so much joy this past year and I am SO thankful and grateful to all my wonderful Neon Hearters!

I cannot wait to continue to work hard and launch spring and summer Neon Heart collections. Keep joining me on this fantastic journey and never, ever let that Neon Heart stop from shining!!!



Neon Heart Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!!

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Hey everyone!!! Happy February! What a fun month ahead, not only is it soon to be Valentine’s Day but it is also the month Neon Heart was launched…so Happy Birthday Neon Heart!!! With that being said I LOVE doing giveaways and the first giveaway that is going to happen is for Valentines day! The two hats we are rocking are part of the giveaway for Valentine’s Day!

To enter (serious  entries only : ) ) 



telling me about someone you know who could use some Neon Heart goodness in their life! They will win a Neon Heart hat (the original black trucker) as well and you are entering to win the two hats pictured! Keep spreading positivity, love and kindness.

-Mally K

Whats New?!

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Hey everyone! There are some amazing new colors added to the pom beanie collection! There is also a huge holiday sale going on now until January 1st! Use code neonholiday to save 20% on EVERYTHING! Use coupon code at the checkout. Happy Holidays everyone, I hope this season brings you happiness and joy and that the new year is full of so many amazing blessings! xo,



New to the Neon Heart Shop: Pom Beanies!

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Check out the Neon Heart Shop for the exciting new pom beanies! These beanies are super cute and cozy and the perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. The patch is made of genuine leather, printed with the original Neon Heart symbol.

Rock these beanies this fall and winter and let your Neon Heart Shine!

If we could all be like our pets: positivity and love

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I’m a dog lover and animal lover at that. I love how animals love their owner and anyone around them unconditionally and it got me thinking about life, love and positivity.

It’s kind of funny I know but when I wake up in the morning to my sweet dog, he is always happy and ready to take on the day with a wagging tail. He doesn’t know what the day may bring as we all don’t but he wakes up and gets excited like it’s the best day of his life. But you know what? It is the best day of his life! Everyday is the most wonderful day yet to him. And I started to think to myself, I want to be more like my dog! Ha ha!

But seriously, animals don’t judge, animals don’t hate, they LOVE and they love life in the purest most sweet form. Even if you aren’t an animal lover like me you can relate to seeing a dog or child being just so joyful and jolly and loving everything around them.

I want to live everyday to to fullest and make it the best day yet even if all I have planned is work and a good workout … that’s still an amazing day because I am here, I am alive and I am able to bring joy to others.

I want to live a life where people can come to me and know that I am free of judgment and just full of any type of positivity and uplifting words and encouragement they may need. Life is so short, and in relation to a dogs life it’s even shorter for them and they are out there making the best of it. I want to make the rest of my life the best and I plan to make it that way.

Join in on the journey of light and love. And let’s all be a little more like our pets ?