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Neon Heart Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!!

By February 7, 2018Lifestyle

Hey everyone!!! Happy February! What a fun month ahead, not only is it soon to be Valentine’s Day but it is also the month Neon Heart was launched…so Happy Birthday Neon Heart!!! With that being said I LOVE doing giveaways and the first giveaway that is going to happen is for Valentines day! The two hats we are rocking are part of the giveaway for Valentine’s Day!

To enter (serious  entries only : ) ) 



telling me about someone you know who could use some Neon Heart goodness in their life! They will win a Neon Heart hat (the original black trucker) as well and you are entering to win the two hats pictured! Keep spreading positivity, love and kindness.

-Mally K

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