About Neon Heart

Neon Heart is my clothing brand that I came up with about five years ago when launching my site. I knew I wanted to create some kind of fashion brand but didn’t know exactly what to call it. One night while brain storming… the words neon and heart were on my list. I knew I wanted a brand that promoted positivity and kindness and shining bright within your self and promoting lifting others up. Neon Heart was just the perfect name for the brand. I want people to not only love what they are wearing but also feel good about the name and the brand itself in what it means. I want everyone when they rock their Neon Heart hats to smile a little bigger, shine a little brighter and be kind to others and be that positive light for others. It has been so fun to see people rock this brand and I cannot wait to continue creating fun hats in the future! You have a Neon Heart…Let it Shine
Mally K Spalding


Mally K Blog and Neon Heart are extensions of the Mally K Brand. Learn more about Mallory K Spalding or shop Neon Heart in the Boutique. Thanks for visiting!