Baby to 3 year Old Toddler Product Favorites

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Lifestyle

Welcome back! Today on the blog I am going over some of our baby and toddler product favorites! Over the last three years we have seen a lot of toys and products that haven’t lasted long so I wanted to share some items with you that have been with us or did last a long time when our girls were little.
Our favorite baby items were definitely the baby brezza, munch mitts for teething, bumbos and the Conair sound machines. These products lasted us (the sound machine we still use) for so long. The bumbos were with us for awhile and we even set them in the girls wagon so they could sit up and look out when they were really young.

We also have used the BOB double jogger stroller from when they were babies and still use it now and the girls are almost three. This thing turns on a dime and is so light weight to push. It folds up so putting it in the car is easy as well. So while it is a bit of a splurge, the amount of time you get to use it and the lasting durability of it really does save you in the long run and I would highly recommend it. We also still have the radio flyer wagon. This wagon has been with us FOREVER! The girls still have it and we still use it when we want to switch it up from the stroller. It has a detachable little roof and pockets for storage. It folds up and is super easy to bring places. I HIGHLY recommend this awesome wagon. 

A few other baby toddler product toy favorites were their buckle toys, their climb and crawl activity tumbling mat (pictured below), their little radio flyer trikes (which is a great way to have them start riding bikes), wooden puzzles, their indoor trampoline (great if you live in colder weather and can’t go outside much in the winter) and their little kitchen play set.

They do love to puzzle now so I added some puzzles to the list. We have also gotten a lot of use out of their activity table that we found at Walmart. The chairs fold up and it is super easy to store and put away. They love sitting there to do arts and crafts and sitting there for dinner.
I also added their little snack buckets that we seriously used for so long! It’s little things like that I wanted to make note of because when you have kids you try so many different products that when they work and your child loves it, it’s a win for us all! 
I hope you find some products here that are helpful and since the holidays are coming up some of these would make amazing gifts! 
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