Family Fall Photos: Tips and Ideas

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well! I am so excited to share our fall family photo ideas with you all and share some tips I’ve learned throughout the years with our family photos!
One idea and tip I love to do each year is pick a different location and switch up the background and color schemes. Maybe it’s at a conservatory inside with a lot of flowers and trees, a lake backdrop, a beautiful field or a forest. It is so fun to search and ask other people as well for fun ideas on where to go next.
We did our photos this year at a really cool historic site that had a ton of old houses and buildings to have as our backdrop as well as fun bridges and nature scenes. One year we did photos in front of a tractor and gazebo and the last year we brought our own props like a hay bail and lanterns and made our own little spot with fall trees in the background. Switching it up is always fun and getting creative with it is also super fun too! The year we brought our own props it was great to get creative and bring my imagination of a fall back drop to life.

For any outfit details click on the link below to find them in the LTK app!

I LOVE this time of year scenery wise and all the fall colors for clothing (this season has been such an amazing blend of jewel tones and earth tones) and mix and match our family outfits.
One tip I have is to first see what you already have in your closet. My husband was easy haha! He already had his outfit in his closet and we got the girls leopard dresses and they matched so well with his shirt. I knew I wanted two pops of colors that compliment each other so I chose a mustard yellow and dark greenish blue. When going to match choose some neutral colors first (like my husband’s darker brown) and add the pop of colors that will compliment each other next. I chose a deep green/blue dress and found matching hair ties for the girls and wore yellow earrings that matched their dresses. You could always throw in the matching pops of colors with accessories. It is a great way to get that mix n’ match that all goes well together. I wanted to keep our shoes all dark and they had a bit of a western theme as well.
You can always choose one outfit and build the other outfits around it for a good starting point. A good neutral color always helps as a starting point too. My last tip is to keep patterns to a minimum and have one outfit with the pattern. It makes everything a bit easier to match around one pattern.
Have fun with these family fall photo ideas because I know they can be a tad chaotic haha! Run/walk at the camera, be silly! These are memories that are so fun to look back on.

I hope some of these ideas and tips help with fall photos as well as holiday photos that you have coming and that you all have a wonderful rest of your fall season!

For any outfit details click on the link below to find them in the LTK app!
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